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Datum: Friday, 21.February. @ 15:01:23 UTC
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Hello Seventyfive Enthusiast and welcome to "The Ultimate Rover 75 Web Site" Project!!!!

  • What is this here?
  • What about english language support?
  • What can I do to help the Project?
  • Looking for answers right now?
  • Can I already submit english news, articles, reviews etc at this stage of the project?

  • What is this here? R75.info is the Seventyfive related Web Community of all german speaking Seventyfive Owners. Our members are coming from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and whereever you may find german speaking Seventyfive Owners.

    What about english language support? We are about to enhance the project by adding full featured Multi Language Support to it. In the first step we will be adding english as the worlds most spoken language, so that the project may serve Seventyfive Owners around the globe. Other languages may follow later on.

    The english section will be as complete as the german section is right now. This means members then can submit news and articles, downloads, web links, use the then new international forums etc, etc. We will be translating and enlarging the FAQ and Glossary section and make Our "Dealer Base Project" available to the english speaking community.

    To give aid to all non native english speakers, we added the Dictionary Block to your right hand side. Just paste the word you are looking for in the text box and look up its definition.

    What can I do to help the Project? What is needed the most are bi- or multi-lingual people that can help translating the existing information, especially the FAQ and Glossary content. Furthermore we do need a few nativ english speakers or bi-lingual people that do know or are willing to learn how to operate a web site like this to become our english language Admin-Team.

    In case you are intersted please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Looking for answers right now? In case you do have a urgent or any other question, you may post it in the International Corner of the Forums Section. Most of our members do speak english and will answer rapidly.

    Can I already submit english news, articles, reviews etc at this stage of the project? You are welcome to submit english news, article, reviews and the like from now on!

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